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May we have another 100 years of virtue and excellence!

Ashrafs W.L.L. is one of Bahrain’s oldest and most prestigious retailers and wholesale distributors of Electronics, Office Equipment, Photography Goods, Homeware, Accessories and other Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. It was acquired by Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons in 1994 as a part of their expansion and diversification strategy.

Electronics, Photography, FMCG, and Giftware are the four Core Business Division that define our business. Our company has a network of Retail outlets spread across Bahrain with the head office in Hoora and Warehousing facilities in Maamer, Sitra.

In 2013, Ashrafs W.L.L. entered into its 100th year of business. To mark this milestone moment, we underwent an internal shift to bridge the gap between the next generation and ourselves. By incorporating social media into our activities, we have found new ways to reach our customers and understand their needs. With that, we approach the next 100 years with vitality and enthusiasm for the new opportunities before us. Additionally, with the launch of this interactive website and our new state of the art retail building, we look forward to our expanding vision and reaching even greater horizons in the years to come.

World of Ashrafs (Latest Edition)

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  • To run the business profitability sustaining long-term growth.
  • To make customer satisfaction the cornerstone of our business policy and conduct business that offers a unique customer experience.
  • To value and appreciate the contribution of all our employees and ensure reward and career opportunities.
  • To actively embrace change and constantly explore new avenues for business growth across the region.
  • To enhance the brand value and improve the market share.
  • To remain socially aware and responsible.

By embracing the above, we at Ashrafs, aim to integrate ourselves in line with the overall Corporate Mission.

Chairman’s Message


Mr. Farouk Yousuf

“Welcome to Ashrafs! It gives me great pleasure to introduce our company to you. With a tradition of over ten decades, we have grown to become one of the most prominent and successful commercial organizations in the kingdom of Bahrain.

We had defined our Vision and Mission to guide us in our efforts to offer better services and quality products to our customers, foster a healthy relationship with our suppliers and continue to train develop and motivate our staff to perform for the betterment of our society and country.

We believe that customers are our greatest assets. We also trust that changes for ideal tomorrow are brought by our customers. Our well-focused customer-oriented approach has resulted in our strong presence in the country. The appreciations and numerous awards that have followed us over the years are indeed a testimony to our dedication and commitment to our customers.

Our attempts are to maintain a focus on customers by communicating, consulting, advising and delivering the best was always tagged with a professional touch. In addition, Ashrafs continuous commitment was to “quality” and “reliability”, such that each of our dedicated lines of business provides customers with state-of-the-art products and services each and every time.

I am proud of what we as a company have achieved together thus far, and I look forward to the future and to reaching even greater horizons in the years to come.”

Executive Director’s Message

  • Mrs. Amal

    “Welcome to the World of Ashrafs! The fundamental strength of every business is the people who work there. This is why at Ashrafs our attention always stems with a human touch to every aspect of our business. Combined with our solid commitment to quality and reliability, interacting with Ashrafs as a business partner or a walk-in-in customer or even as an employee is a likely to be a rewarding experience, sure.

    We have completed one hundred years. One hundred is indeed big, and we are more determined than ever to set highest standards of customer service. Founded in 1913, our company has fostered a long and established history in the kingdom by growing from a small shop in Manama souk to the largest and most prestigious retailers of world renowned brands.

    Every new lines of business emerged in support of growing consumer demand for our product and service offerings – be it is from electronics to photography or from giftware to fashion brands or from consumer imaging to FMCG – we have always been consumer focused, and strived ensuring a smile of satisfaction on the customer’s face.

    We look forward to future – a wonderful future– that will take us closer to realizing our dreams and goals in setting highest standards of customer service. Indeed, our strength is the ability to dream and realize that the dreams are coming true.

    Our Vision statement – “sign of quality” – itself underlines our dream to stay in front, and that’s why it’s really imperative that we dare to dream. Achievement is then only a matter of quest and perseverance to society. Ashrafs has always been people-oriented and quality focused as we seek to influence society as a business enterprise.

    Step in. We are so happy to receive you! A professional member from our team will waiting for you at the shop entrance!”

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