Sony |Shake X10D | High Power Home Audio System with DVD

168.000 BHD Incl of all taxes
Extended Warranty by Ashrafs Bahrain
16.800 BHD
25.200 BHD
33.600 BHD
Installations by Ashrafs Bahrain
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  • Sound Pressure Horn for bass you can feel
  • Enjoy higher quality BLUETOOTH® streaming with LDAC™
  • LED speaker lights create a party atmosphere
  • Guitar input
  • DJ efects let you put your own spin on tracks
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Be blown away by soul-shaking bass with the Sound Pressure Horn. An internal folded horn design efciently increases acoustc pressure by pushing energy through an amplifying duct. The result is far more efectve than traditonal, energy-wastng amplifers and signal processing, adding a boldness and body you can really feel to all your bass lines.LDAC is a new audio technology from Sony that allows you to enjoy the highest quality wireless audio via Bluetooth technology. With up to 3x the data transmited, LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music.Pump up the atmosphere with club-like LED speaker illuminaton. The LED light speakers come with various colour paterns, ranging from pure white to rainbow. Synchronising with the rhythm of the beat, the power and speed of the light display matches the musical mood and atmosphere.Hold your own mini concerts with the guitar input. Just plug in and press the Guitar key to enjoy powerful sound for your guitar. Play solo style, or connect a microphone to sing along.Get the crowd going with DJ efects. Four diferent efects set the stage for your party: Flanger creates a deep roaring efect; WAH distorts the audio; ssolator singles out a specifc frequency band; and PAN sweeps the sound across speakers. You can use DJ efects with the Fiestable app and gesture control, so getng creatve with your party playlists has never been easier.