ClarinsMen | After Shave Energizer

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18.900 BHD Incl of all taxes
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  • Immediately soothes razor burn.
  • Purifies the skin.
  • Gradually alleviates the irritability of the skin due to shaving.
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This refreshing, invigorating aftershave splash soothes and energizes the skin after shaving, while reducing razor burn and promoting the healing of minor nicks and cuts. Formulated with natural plant extracts of Purslane, Centella, and Blue Alpine Thistle, this highly refreshing, non-sticky formula purifies the skin and reduces irritation, leaving skin feeling refreshed and comfortable. Our exclusive, patented Expertise 3P Complex helps fight the effects of pollution and free radicals for complete skin protection.

How to use?

Use immediately after shaving. Apply with light, smoothing motions over the whole face, concentrating on areas weakened by shaving.