Descamps Mousse Prusse | Different sizes

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6.300 BHD Incl of all taxes
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  • 1 Face towel 35 x 35
  • 1 Hand towel 50 x 100
  • 1 Guest towel 40 x60
  • 1 Bath towel 70 x 140
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The Prussian Sparkling Bath set is decidedly up-to-date, soft, generous and absorbent. La Mousseuse is for lovers of design as for the faithful of a renewed French tradition. In combed cotton from Egypt, grammage 660g / m². Touch soft, fluffy, generous and comfortable. Bath mat in 1200g / m², design that incorporates the patterned frame in chiseled frame. Double 5 cm lenght hand-made and positioned at the bottom of the napkin. The crown, as a signature, symbol of the coat of arms of Descamps, in the loop positioned on the right, just above the braid.