Kitchen Craft | Salad Dressing Bottle

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  1. Kitchen Craft | Salad Dressing Bottle
    2.400 BHD Incl of all taxes
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Enjoying your favourite dressing as part of a healthy diet needn't be a chore with this Kitchen Craft Mini Salad Dressing Bottle. Its xx ml (xx fl oz) capacity makes it perfect for portion control. The bottle's miniature size also makes it ideal to carry in a sandwich box or picnic cool bag for lunch on-the-go!

Balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard or Mediterranean - you can fill this handy little bottle with any of your favourite salad dressings, oils or flavourings. Simply unscrew the cap and pour in your home-made or shop bought dressing. It's really easy to pour them evenly over your salad, chicken or bread too.

This salad dressing bottle is made from squeezable plastic, so all you have to do is apply pressure to dispense your dressing. It gives you a far greater amount of control over how much you apply too - which is ideal when you're trying control your portions.

BrandKitchen Craft
Model NameKitchenCraft Salad Dressing Bottle