Yankee Candle | Fragrance Spheres Air Freshener | Lemon Lavender

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3.400 BHD Incl of all taxes
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  • Clean and inviting, this powdery fresh scent blends tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers
  • Scented beads that fill your home with beautiful fragrance in areas where candles may not be appropriate; ideal for laundry rooms, gym lockers, bedrooms and more
    Clever honeycomb shaped cut-outs in the lid allow the fragrance to diffuse into the air
    Up to 45 days fragrance life
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Neutralise odours and freshen small spaces for up to 45 days with Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres. These convenient beads provide blissful aroma in gym lockers, wardrobes, bathrooms and other places where stagnant air lurks. You'll know it's time to replace the jar once all the beads have shrunk.

Weight 0.500KG
BrandYankee Candle