1. SONY Z8H

    SONY Z8H

    Z8H | Full Array LED | 8K | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV)

    • 8K brilliance with immersive sound, incredibly real

    Step into the breathtaking world of big screen 8K detail and see pictures precisely matched with a sound from screen experience. A slim and simple one slate design immerses you in the action.

    • More screen. More 8K detail. More beauty.

    Our powerful processor brings out the intense depth and detail of this 8K TV, no matter what you're watching. See deeper blacks and brighter lights on a Full Array LED TV screen with local dimming.

    • Sound and picture in harmony - the frame is the speaker

    Hear sound from the right place in the scene with speakers integrated into the frame. Having the speakers closer to the centre of the screen brings sound and pictures into harmony.

    • Sound flows around you with Dolby
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    Designed to be the world’s best soundbar. Designed to be the best soundbar in the world, the Bose Soundbar 700 is slim, stylish, and mighty. It’s packed with technologies that bring thrilling depth, detail, and emotion to your favorite entertainment. Want the total 5.1 cinematic experience? Just add the optional Bose Bass Module 700 and/or Bose Surround Speakers anytime for thunderous bass and full-on surround sound.

    DON’T JUST LISTEN. FEEL EVERY MOMENT. You don’t just want to hear your movies, music, and TV. You want to feel the crushing footsteps of a T-Rex on the screen, the roar of the crowd when the underdogs win the game, and the heart-pumping, beat-stomping chorus in your favorite song. That’s why we set out to design the world’s best soundbar, the Bose Soundbar 700. Featuring an unmatched combination of sophisticated design and exceptional sound, this slim s

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  3. Nikon Z series

    Nikon Z series

    Z series Mirrorless Camera System Welcome to a new era of Nikon imaging. A system born from our unending quest for perfection. A system that opens a new dimension of possibilities. A system inspired by our past but designed for tomorrow.

    A system only Nikon could create.

    Proven form factor

    Inspired by D850, Z series cameras embody the elegance, durability, handling and operation of award-winning Nikon DSLRs—just in a smaller package. A Large deep grip for balanced handling, even using telephoto F-mount NIKKOR lenses. Comfortable ergonomics, thoughtful button placement and an easy to use GUI.

    The most advanced imaging system available.

    The technology may be all new, but the ingenuity is all Nikon.

    Brains and beauty

    EXPEED 6, the most advanced Nikon image processing yet, powers breathtaking image quality, liberating low-light performance and versatile video capabilities.


    Mirrorless design a

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