Bohemia Cristal Crazy | Multicolored set of glasses for juice and water 390ml | 6pcs

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  • Type - glass
  • Quantity in the package - 6 pcs
  • Volume - 390 ml
  • Material - glass
Product Details

Bohemian glass - glass of the highest standard, characterized by a special brilliance, elegance and sophistication of forms, functionality of use, modern design and affordable price.
Bohemian glass - blown glass, which is produced according to ancient traditions with the help of diamond tools.
The main advantage of Bohemian glass is its traditional quality.
Such glass sparkles brightly, it is transparent, it is distinguished by its subtlety, and the products, when they touch each other, emit a musical ringing.

A feature of Bohemian glass is unsurpassed quality, transparency and bright sparkling faces. In appearance, it is practically indistinguishable from crystal. Glass rings in a long clear sound. It is very thin, fragile, like the wings of a moth, perfectly homogeneous, without interspersed air and particles. Bohemian glass cannot be cloudy. The Bohemian glass faceting is also ideal; it does not have chips, cracks, irregularities, or roughnesses. If the glass is tinted, it is tinted uniformly, without spots and smudges.

Weight 5kg
BrandBohemia Cristal