Jing | English Breakfast 100 Bags

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  • JING Tea, London, UK
  • English Breakfast Tea Bags
  • Smooth, Aromatic, Refreshing
  • 100 Tea bags
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JING English Breakfast

The ultimate single origin 'english' breakfast tea in whole leaf, biodegradable tea bags. Expertly blended from selected gardens in Assam, India, for a satisfying, robust black tea with honeyed malt richness.


To ensure a bold and true expression of Assam character, we have created our single origin breakfast blend using the finest second flush tea. Our Head of Tea, Tom, selects the best batches from Assam’s foremost gardens out of the hundreds that he tastes each year. The Assam terroir borders the Himalayas and is renowned for its rich soils, producing teas with the ideal balance of strength, assertiveness and malty flavour – everything that makes the perfect 'english' breakfast tea.