Sony | ILCE-A6400 | α6400 | E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor (Body)

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  • Unparalleled AF performance is the key to beautful shots
  • Real-tme Tracking holds the focus on tracked subjects
  • Newly added 1:1 aspect rato for easier social-media shots
  • Interval shootng for the creaton of tme-lapse movies
  • 180°-tltable LC screen with versatle touch functons
Product Details

*Fast and accurate autofocus lets you capture feetng moments in stunning detail, thanks to a combinaton of innovatve technologies. A total of 425 phase-detecton AF points work in conjuncton with contrast-detecton AF to achieve a remarkable 0.02 sec speed, while High-density AF Tracking Technology follows even erratcally moving subjects.Real-tme Tracking holds the focus on tracked subjectsWhen you're tracking a fast-moving subject, the camera's improved automatc subject moton tracker uses a newly developed subject recogniton algorithm that draws on colour, patern (brightness), subject distance (depth) and face/eye informaton to recognise, and hold onto, your subject.Newly added 1:1 aspect rato for easier social-media shotsIn additon to 3:2 and 16:9 aspect (width-to-height) ratos, the 1:1 aspect rato used by social media platorms is now ofered as an opton. This eliminates the need for cumbersome hand-trimming of images afer shootng in preparaton for postng on social media.Interval shootng for the creaton of tme-lapse moviesContnuous shootng with a set interval between 1 and 60 seconds is now available within the camera, and the resultng stll images can be edited into a tme-lapse movie on a PC using the Viewer applicaton from the Imaging EdgeTM desktop applicatons. A simple variable-speed preview functon allows you to see an image, on the camera, of how the fnished movie will look.180°-tltable LC  screen with versatle touch functonsThe high-resoluton 921k-dot LC  has a 3.0-type screen and tlts upward a full 180° for easy framing of self-portraits and vlogs. The LC 's intuitve touch operatons include Touch Pad (smoothly move the focus point), Touch Focus (set the focus point), Touch Shuter (release the shuter), and Touch Tracking (actvate Real-Time AF).

Weight 410 grm

Model Year : 2019

Warranty: Local Warranty