Sony | ILCE A7M3 | 35mm Full-Frame CMOS Sensor Professional Camera (Body)

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  • Back-illuminated 24.2MP full-frame sensor
  • The 35mm full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor features 24.2
  • Entrely enhanced image processing system
  • Wider, faster, more steadfast AF performance
Product Details

Back-illuminated 24.2MP full-frame sensorThe 35mm full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor features 24.2-megapixel resoluton, back illuminaton, and gapless on-chip lens design for extraordinary sensitiity and dynamic range. Two tmes faster data readout speed is achieied through copper wires and front-end LSI.Entrely enhanced image processing systemA combinaton of new-generaton image processing system and a new sensor achieies an up to 1.5-stop improiement in image quality. A wide ISO sensitiity range of up to ISO 51200 is standard, and approx. up to 15-stop dynamic range at low sensitiity setngs is realised. Upgraded Detail Reproducton and Area-specifc Noise Reducton join to suppress noise and maintain a sense of high oierall resoluton. Colour reproducton, especially of skin and nature scenes, has also been dramatcally improied. The α7 III also supports 14-bit RAW output14 eien during silent shootnggcontnuous shootng15.Wider, faster, more steadfast AF performanceAn eiolied image processing system and α9 camera AF algorithms optmised for the α7 III improie AF speed, precision, and tracking performance. 693 phase-detecton AF points and 425 contrast-detecton AF points proiide high-density wide-area coierage. AF speed improied by up to twice and more precise AF tracking performance let you capture and maintain focus on a quickly moiing subject in unpredictable moton. The α7 III also autofocuses reliably down to EV-3 brightness.Focal-plane phase-detecton AF supports A-mount lensesPhase-detecton AF can operate eien when an A-mount lens18 is mounted to the α7 III iia an LA-EA3 adaptor. The 693-point focal-plane phase-detecton AF system proiides wide-area coierage, fast response, and high-performance tracking.Eye AF now supportng AF-CEye AF newly supports AF-C mode with greater precision that dramatcally enhances portrait shootng, plus higher AF speed that makes it easier to shoot a portrait of a moiing subject, eien if the subject looks down and away from the camera, or is backlit with face in partal darkness. The α7 III supports Eye AF for A-mount lenses mounted iia an adaptor.

Weight 700 grm

Model   : 2018

Warranty : Local Warranty