Joseph Joseph|Dot Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle Counts Water Intake

SKU# Dot Water Bottle 600ml
10.500 BHD Incl of all taxes
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  • Leak-proof lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hand wash only
  • Innovative tracking lid records number of bottles drunk.
  • New dot appears every time bottle is refilled and lid is closed (1 dot = 1 bottle)
Product Details

It's a well-known fact that drinking water and staying hydrated is an important part of a healthier lifestyle. Many of us acknowledge that we should be drinking more water. This innovative bottle helps you do just that, by tracking how much water you actually drink. The design features a clever lid that automatically counts every time you tighten it after refilling, showing you the number of bottles drunk with a simple column of dots. Each time you close the lid after filling, a new dot will appear in the display window, allowing you to track up to 4 bottles per day. By setting a goal to drink a certain number of bottles, Dot provides a simple reminder of what you have achieved and gentle encouragement to reach your goal. Perfect for use around the home, gym or office, Dot is a smart but low-tech way of improving hydration. Made from impact-resistant Triton, it has a leak-proof cap.

Weight 0.250 kg
BrandJoseph Joseph
Model NameDot Water Bottle 600ml