Marssai | Men Hair & Body Wash | Clean Vetiver

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  • Marssai Formulations are safe mild and sulfate free
  • Purifying formula deep cleanses your keeps your skin while keeping it moisturized
  • Extremely rich formula which leaves very Refreshing feeling of soft and smooth skin for all skin types
  • Long Lasting Perfume to keep you feeling nice all day long
  • Marssai Men Body wash fragrances to suit your daily lifestyle and activities
Product Details

Marssai Hair & Body Wash for Men represents a new era of men's personal care. The range is sulphate-free which is the best approach to prevent hair loss and irritation. The components are used in an optimized ratio to provide effective cleaning and leave the hair and skin soft and without residue. Marssai 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash is sophisticated with effective formula developed specifically for active men. It gives the advantage of quick hair and body wash with the best results for hair, scalp and skin, without compromise. The rich lather spreads and rinses easily leaving healthy clean hair and skin with a luxurious fragrance. Marssai Royal Saffron body wash enables a fast route to a successful bath routine and it's created for people who like to drive in the fast lane, to live life to the fullest. The worlds' most expensive spice for the most alluring shower experience, creates a luxurious, yet seductive shower time, that engages the senses, being as gentle as effective for the skin., With an intense and peculiar spiciness, Royal Saffron will spice up your life and drive your way to success. experience, creating a connection with nature. It's like a therapy that helps you develop your senses and gives you a balance of energy and cooling sensation for the body and mind., With the benefits of the vetiver extract, it favours the hydration needed for all skin types and enhances the mood of your skin., With its purifying and toning properties, you can wash the day away, leaving the shower feeling relaxed and energized, with a refreshing jolt of energy. Is the clean feeling that life is good so enjoy the ride.