Narciso | Rodriguez For Her Musc Collection |Eau De Parfum Intense Spray | 100ML

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  • An extraordinary fragrance for chic women.
  • Embodies femininity, sensuality & seduction.
  • Delivers passionate, warm & inviting scent.
  • Features intense note of musk aromas.
  • Recommended for special occasions.
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Narciso Rodriguez Musc Perfume by Narciso Rodriguez, Escape into a revitalizing journey through the lush, blooming countryside with Narciso Rodriguez Musc, a refreshing women’s fragrance. This enticing perfume blends musky, woody and floral accords for an enriching olfactory experience that lets your thoughts linger towards the appeal of the great outdoors. Fresh orange blossom and light osmanthus introduce the scent with a charming, floral element, while notes of earthy vetiver and a myriad of woody tones infuse the concoction with an awe-inspiring purity and grace that’s sure to make you desire a walk through the bounty of nature. Finally, notes of sensual musk, warm amber and creamy sweet vanilla wrap up the fragrance with their seductive feminine attributes for an altogether alluring and sophisticated perfume you won’t want to miss.

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