WMF|Broth Colander Profi Plus

SKU# Broth Colander Profi Plus
15.800 BHD Incl of all taxes
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  • Cromargan stainless steel¬†
  • Matt finish
  • Rust-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensionally stable
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  1. WMF|Broth Colander Profi Plus
    15.800 BHD Incl of all taxes
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The Profi Plus series offers you numerous practical kitchen aids for every handle and every type of preparation in a uniform and modern design. For example, you can draw on the full: sauce spoons, ice cream scoops, kitchen scoops and brewing strainers will help you. Or turn fried potatoes, steaks, breaded and caramelized dishes with the matching turner made of polished stainless steel and a gentle plastic bowl. Even tricky things, such as pitting apples, shaping delicate balls out of pulp or removing scales from fresh fish, are child's play with the professional utensils. Stir, peel, turn, plane and pound away! All Profi Plus kitchen gadgets are precise and waterproof, easy to clean in the dishwasher and last even when used continuously, what they promise. sanitary, acid resistant and indestructible. The functional parts are securely cemented into the handle. Includes a practical eyelet for storage on a rack with hooks. Design: WMF Atelier. Collection: Profi Plus

Weight 0.500 kg
Model NameBroth Colander Profi Plus